How to Help or Rescue Stray Animal

We are heartened by many kind acts of rescue by individuals.  And many has sought help from us.  Here are some simple ways to solicit help and hopefully benefit the animals you rescued quickly :

(1)  Take hold of the animal and send for medical treatment ASAP, if need be.  Keep the animals at your place first while seeking adoption or fosterage or other form of relief.

(2)  Take clear pictures of your rescued animals.

(3)  Post on SOS wall (and other popular social media like so that we can share with our readers.
(we strongly urge individual to post on our wall for us to share due to credibility issues)

(4)  Indicate and detail very clearly:
–  What assistance is required (fosterer, adopter, help, relief, etc)
–  Location (street name, shop name, salient landmark, town name, state name)
–  Contact number and contact person
–  Condition of the animal (raw wound in the head, fractured hind leg, mange, etc)

(5)  If for whatever reason you are unable to grab hold of the animal, please use marker pen and write a clear big note on card board, place the notice beside the animal:

“Please do not remove the puppy/kitten, I will return with aid to rescue.  Contact Person, Contact Number”

(6)  Provide clean water and food to the animal.

There is no hard and fast rule in helping animals.  Please improvise according to the situation.  We sincerely hope when you cross path with an animal in need, you will lend a direct hand right away.

Thank you.


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