Why Dogs Scratch Floor?

Do your dogs frantically scratch your timber or tile floor? Do you know why?

They say dogs scratch floor because of entertainment, territory marking, and comforting intent.

Contrary to common beliefs, your dogs are most likely suffering from INTENSE irritation from tick bites in between his paws! (and the joint area near to paws!)

A close friend of SOS shared that she was appalled when she saw fleets of ticks (spider ticks and deer ticks, with full bloated stomach of blood) upon close examination after persistent floor scratching!

According to her sharing, she baths the dog once a week, uses front-line de-tick solution every 8 weeks, wipes the dog (including paws) with dampened cloth after each walk.

Since then, every time her dog scratches floor, she would ALWAYS find a tick or two in one of the paws.

Now, her dog has much less floor scratching and almost none at all.

(This applies to other area like ears, face, neck and it works almost all the times: wherever they scratch, there you will find ticks)

So, please do not see floor scratching as a mischief. Check if your dogs are suffering in silence from the notorious tick bite!


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