Why SOS Cound Not Do Rescue Works

SOS is a neutering clinic. As much as we wish, we are unable to do rescue works.

When SOS was newly established, we have saved and rescued many horrendously injured strays when even most vets had suggested put-to-sleep. With very stubborn belief, SOS refused to give in to “put-to-sleep”.  Now, most if not all rescued animals have recovered and living happily.

You may refer to SOS album for our past rescues. SOS has ceased doing rescue work as we wish to focus and arrest stray over-population issue by spay and neuter. With only 3 working crews (now effectively down to only 2), it is impossible to run out and about whenever there is a rescue request.  Turning down such requests is not easy. We have come to terms that covering too vast an area would not achieve anything eventually. We may be able to save one dog, but at the same time, plenty puppies kittens are being produced. Unless SOS team grows bigger, it is not feasible to include rescue works in our portfolio.

We understand there are a good number of independent rescuers or groups but not many neutering organization. In order not to duplicate the effort, we thus work focally on “Trap, Neuter, Release”.

Only by curbing the stray population can we uproot animal cruelty at large (whether intentionally inflicted by human or by mere accidents).

Please pardon us when we could not accede to your rescue requests. Our hands are full, or even overspill, in working on the long term solution: Neutering.

We sincerely thank you for your continued support and kind understanding. And we look forward to every individual to pitch in to do your little part in stray welfare, whether by (random/ regular) feeding, neutering stray, adopting stray, loving stray, or simply not harming them. Thank you.