Dog Abuser

Subject1: Urgently Search Missing Female Dog – Buddy

Subject2: Urgently Search Perpetrator Seen in CCTV Footage

Location: Penang Red Garden Food Court, Penang Road, Georgetown, Penang Island

Contact: 012-4708308

Buddy has been missing for 4 days. She was last seen being stoned by a Caucasian using 2 bagful of stones (please refer pictures and CCTV footage).

According to the witness, Buddy barked at the man when he peed in the car park. So the man retaliated by ferociously stoning Buddy.

Apparently the perpetrator is lodging at nearby hotel. If you have seen him, please quickly call the number.

Meanwhile, please help to look for Buddy, the shy and gentle girl who was born in the car park and has never left since. Feeder is worrying sick for her safety.

Car park CCTV on 11 October 2014, 6.45am to 7.15am. The man was last seen drinking at SOHO Pub.

IMG-20141014-WA0005 IMG-20141014-WA0006 IMG-20141014-WA0009 IMG-20141014-WA0010 IMG-20141014-WA0011 IMG-20141015-WA0001 IMG-20141016-WA0000 IMG-20141016-WA0001 IMG-20141016-WA0003


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