Establishment of Save Our Strays (SOS)

Have you wondered what spurred the establishment of SOS?  Hear it firsthand from our founder:

Shanti’s unfortunate death was the push button to kick start SOS Alliance Group.  Shanti is the founder Of SOS and her partner Boy is the Legend of SOS.  Shanti was caught by Council before SOS established in Jul 2012.  Her partner, Ah Boy, to this date, is alone and comes to my gallery “Muda House” every day for food and nap.  We have put on a license for Boy today in hope that no one will steal his license this time. Last year, Shanti and her license was stolen few times.  We have since tightened up the license with extra cable ties onto his collar.

Everyone in the neighborhood loves Shanti and Boy.

They belong to the community and everyone sees them as friends.

Shanti was captured by council.

We miss her very much, especially Boy, who has lost his companion.

Boy and Shanti were inseparable.  Backpackers love them, the beggars at the Kuan Yin Temple love them, restaurant owners love them.  Everyone feels happy to see them as they are simply too gentle.

Shanti at times dropped by Muda House alone but she would never eat the food until she got Boy to share the food with her.

Every morning they would hover around Kuan Yin Temple. They love music. In the evenings they would hang out at Soho Pub in Penang Road or Raggae Pub in Chulia Street and Love Lane. The patrons love them and they were always welcome there.

They regularly patronized Muda House for food and take nap.

But now Shanti is gone.

I can’t believe how some uncaring people could call council to tear this loving couple apart.

Boy was lucky to escape as his collar was loose but poor Shanti had a tighter collar on. Now Boy is all by himself for the rest of his life.

Shanti is a hero.  She survived a severe fever attack and distemper virus but not the heartless Council.

Council is supposed to support the community and improve resident lives. They now have innocent blood on their hands and are responsible for such cruelty.  Someone should be held accountable for this shameful action.

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