What Does SOS Do?

1. Spaying Clinic

– Successful establishment of our own spaying facilities with the help from a retired volunteer Vet, Dr Lim and 2 local Vet Assistants.

–   Started full spaying programme operation in SOS Clinic in April 2013.

– SOS sponsors more than half of the total cost for each spaying case.

– SOS provides boarding facility for strays without homes.

– SOS provides full sponsor of spaying cost for special case.

–  SOS provides a choke chain and identification tag with contact number of feeders to the neutered strays, so that Council will not catch them.  In any case the strays create a nuisance to the community, please contact us to relocate the dogs and/or cats.

– SOS actively finds homes for spayed strays through our Facebook network.

2. Mass Spaying Program

–  Work with DVS, Council, SPCA Seberang Perai, MERCY Group to organize Mass Spaying Camp from time to time.

–  Propose to organize regular spaying camp at Council compound, so as to allow volunteer vets to neuter strays in bulk.  Sterilized animals will be put up for adoption.

–  The mass spaying camp will give priority to areas with high volume of strays.

–  To organize regular press conference about mass spaying program for publicity and heighten awareness.

–  To arrange volunteers or residents to clean up the camp and feed animals (dogs and/or cats) boarding in the camp during their confinement period (5-7 days after spayed)

–  Spayed animals (dogs / cats ) shall be caged right after operation.

–  If that particular area (Taman) residents have no objection of having a temporary camp, it will be converted from spaying camp to feeding camp so the residents or feeders can continue to feed the strays and clean the area. Concentrated and controlled feeding camp has the benefit of drawing all strays to one place and that deters uncontrolled breeding and incidents of dogs chasing after motorbikes.

3. Adoption Drive

–  Target to arrange weekly mini adoption drive at markets, hyper market, factories, car wash centre and any other appropriate places.

–  Organize sizable adoption drive in conjunction with entertainment events.  Such adoption drive will educate public the importance of spaying and its long term effect in reducing stray population.

–  adoption drive at Council compound: we propose a permanent adoption day on regular basis for public to adopt strays caught by Council.

4. Fostering Program

–  Encourage public to join the fostering program, the biggest challenge of rescuing puppies / kittens space.  If each house can help to foster one animal, such problem would be resolved.

–  SOS will provide basic training on handling puppies / kittens / sick animals during recovery stage or post recovery.

–  Fosterer may become adopter after a period bonding.  Hence, this is one of the effective ways to re-home the homeless animals.

5. Feeding Camp Program

–  A community feeding camp program involving the residents, feeders, animal lovers, students and volunteers.

–  It takes only very simple structure (fence and roof).

–  In each camp there will be automatic feeding box filled with kibbles.  In case there is no volunteer on duty to feed the strays, the strays will have sufficient supply of food (attached pic).

–  This is a win-win solution for everyone (animals, resident, public image, Council reputation, feeders and the whole community).  Penang can be the first state to execute this feeding camp idea.  It will certainly leave a good impression to tourists and foreign investors as well as those Malaysia-My-2nd-Home-foreign residents.

–  Some residents complain about feeders feeding the strays and create litter such as soiled plastic bags / newspaper left behind.  With simple fencing and roof structure, feeders can continue to feed and clean up the feeding camp. Strays will not roam around and scavenge food from rubbish bins.  Less animal-involved accidents may transpire like dogs chasing after bikes.

–  In fact, feeding camp and spaying camp can be synchronized.  Once the feeding camp is set up, vets can be arranged to perform spaying procedures for the female animals.  As such, the number of strays in that particular camp will not increase and no more midnight dog fight and howling during the mating season.

–  Feeding team at MPSP pound was started in end of March 2013.  Every two days volunteers will feed the strays caught and take pictures of each dogs/ cats and put up adoption notice on SOS Facebook.  Females strays will be spayed first before re-homing.

6. Rescue Team

–  SOS main objective is to solve the root cause of stray-overpopulation by mass spaying.  But on mercy ground we rescue severely injured and sick strays that are impossible to survive on their own.

–  We are willing to share our rescue tactics, home remedy treatments and knowledge to the public to benefit more animals.

–  Collective effort rescue: we use our Facebook and over 120 feeders network to assist rescue works.  When there is a valid rescue request, we will post on Facebook and seek help from public and volunteers.  Using this approach, we have garnered much support and help in terms of assistance and financial relief.

–  After being rescued, treated and recovered, we will find homes for the animals.  Often we manage to re-home rescued animals to good owners, otherwise we will send them to shelters.

7. Education Awareness Program

–  It is the most effective way to change people perception through education:  we conduct education and awareness talk with Q&A session, especially to young generation in schools, colleges, universities and working class in factories.

–  Besides education program, feeding camp is a very good avenue to teach the public including children to have compassion towards animals, as well as the effectiveness of spaying in reducing stray over population.

–  Upon set up of feeding camp, we can organize a short talk to the neighborhood about the functionality of the feeding camp and how it will benefit the community.

–  Dr. Dog Program:  Dogs will be trained to be <Doctor, Therapy Dog> and visit old folks homes, retardant children homes, orphanage homes, mental homes to provide services. This is definitely a game-changer that stray dogs can contribute to needy community and significantly enhance quality of life.

Strategies and Methods Of Stray Management:

1. There are several effective methods to emulate from other Asian countries with proven records.

2. feeding camps in certain areas started in Singapore.

3. Mass spaying and adoption program co-organized with local Council.

4. Education program co-organized with local Council.


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