Community Feeding and Spaying Camp


We understand that Malaysia is multireligious, multinational and multi-racial but it does not mean it is not possible to apply TNRM in Malaysia.

It takes time and trials before it can be implemented officially. New generation will take over the old generation, mentality will slowly change and it is crucial to begin with a FIRST STEP.

The first step is to set up an individual Community Feeding and Spaying Camp on temporary basis.

SOS will sent vets to perform mass spaying operation to neuter all female strays so the number of strays will be controlled resulting in less dog and cat fights during mating season. Vaccination will be administered to curb disease spreading.

SOS will sent the appointed Vet & experienced volunteers to provide instant treatment if happen any dogs / cats fall sick. SOS will also sent volunteers to feed the strays and keep the place clean. The residents can also feed the strays, walk the dogs and create an environment to our children to interact more with the animals rather than IPHONE or SMARTPHONE.
Our children will grow up in the environment with a caring hearts towards the animals. Let’s make our area be one of the successful feeding camp role model, what’s say you ?

Advantages of MINI feeding camp at each resident area, especially those area with high population of strays breeding condition :

i. Through spaying, breeding stops & will be controlled.
ii. More clean, no more searching food in the rubbish bin and all rubbish dragged all over the streets
iii. Enhance the relationship among Local Council Departments & the People
iv. Increase Community team work & spirit.
v. Create a caring environment for the young generation to follow.
vi. Good image for the Country & City implement a NO KILL policy
vii. Create more jobs opportunities to the fresh graduate Vets to practice spaying
viii. Good image for the Country & City to implement a NO KILL policy.

How does the Community helps in the Strays Over Population Problems. HOW & WHAT we can do as a ordinary resident ? Answer is YES, plenty we can do.

Why we need to help these strays ??

The answer is strays problem no longer solely lies on State Government, Council, NGOs responsibilities. The whole community must work hand in hand together to make Penang a better place for this is where we were born & raised.

The ONE single reason that we take in and care compassionately for the helpless and neglected stray dogs & cats is because of decades of irresponsible dumping & neglect when human relocate/ migrate. The current “kill policy” is considered cruel and inhumane, which is totally not accepted by many civilised communities in the world. As a civilised community, KILLING must stop immediately. Spaying is the only humane solution to show our next generation the correct and proper mentality in treating animals and humans.

Here are some of the ways how we as the community can help the strays :

1. Stop calling the Council to complain regarding the strays animals.
Your call only cost you RM0.20 but do you know that you’re initiating the killing order. Why not talk with us to find a more better solution..?
We are just as guilty as the dogs killer in spilling the innocent bloods of the dogs/ cats.

2. Adopt a stray , stop buying pedigree.
If one family can adopt one stray, this will effectively reduce the numbers of stray dogs & cats on streets.

3. Not all the strays are trouble makers, maybe only one or two in the group like chasing after motorbikes and people. Contact SOS to remove/ relocate the dog instead.

Our Voices & Words Sincerely From Our Hearts

Most of the Independent Strays Rescuers & feeders are from an older age group and are low income earners. They use their pocket money, eat less, spend less and shop less, just to provide for the Stray Animal’s needs. From time to time they even have to appeal for donations to continue their mission of saving lives. They often battle against community attitudes, worry about Council coming to catch the strays or wake up in the middle of the night to provide emergency care for sick or injured strays. They are even sometimes referred to as ‘ CRAZY ‘ by the public for losing their minds feeding so many strays. They tolerate these words being thrown at them but sometimes it hurts. They understand the stray’s innocent look and continue to work tirelessly. They know that these defenceless animals cannot speak or express their feelings in words. It’s only the ‘crazy’ people who understand them. Argument with families & community who are not animal lovers is common and creates a lot of stress.

We urge Council & authority departments concern to give us a chance for making good deeds and changes for our city where we live and born, we’re so proud that Penang is the 1st city practicing NO PLASTIC BAG and now all other cities are following our steps so hopefully the same goes to strays handling issue.


We need to STOP THE KILLING of innocent strays. We have been practicing CATCH and KILL for decades AND obviously this method has proved inefficient. Hundreds of cats & dogs are being put down on a daily basis BUT still the numbers on the streets continue to increase. The ONE & ONLY solution to this problem is to practice spaying.

Sterilizing the strays will end the breeding cycle and minimize annoying behaviour such as spraying, howling, yowling and fighting. This is the ONLY humane solution.

We know, we understand, we acknowledge that we cannot save every life on earth but we try to save what we can & we believe with the help from many others, we can save more if everyone plays their part. Stop & think for a moment, somewhere out there, an animal is suffering or being abused or being murdered.

It is time we rise to defend these animals for they can’t do so for themselves. Only we can give them one chance, and they need that one chance to survive.

Human must learn to co-exist with dogs and cats, not destroy everything that is an inconvenience. If we feed well the strays and keep them clean, they can be our community friends and will guard the neighbourhood against trespassers.

We understand not everyone is animal lover, however we sincerely request your tolerance & kind understanding in these crucial times in working out a win-win solution for human & animals. Try not to forget that they are the God’s creation too. If the wording DOG is spelt backward, we have a word GOD. Treated well, GOD will bless you. Treated with contempt, GOD will judge you.

Quote “The greatness of a nation and of its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.”

Re-quote ” The greatness of an individual and his moral progress is measured by the way its helpless animals are treated.”

So are you a great individual …?


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