DVS Contact to Report Animal Cruelty

Reporting Animal Abuse:

SMS aduan ke DVS HQAduan [aduan anda] hantar ke 15888.

Email: pro@dvs.gov.my (for fastest response)

Phone contacts:

Putrajaya HQ: 03-88702000; 03-8870 2017; 019-210 3344

Johor: 019-7705245
Selangor: 019-2280675
N. Sembilan: 019-3888641
Perak: 019-5735245
Kedah: 019-4191940
Melaka: 019-6600177
P. Pinang: 019-4160675
Terengganu: 019-9363120
Perlis: 019-4544600
Kelantan: 019-9104500
Pahang: 019-9100675
W.P Kuala Lumpur: 019-2275245
W.P Labuan: 016-5870250
Taiping: 012-2677576
Raub: 019-9105596
Besut: 019-9423809
Segamat: 019-9875285
Gua Musang: 019-9203529

More contacts: http://www.PetFinder.my/reportabuse.htm

Want to report animal abuse? Here are the contact details of relevant authorities. Download PDF for offline reference too. Let’s teach the abusers a lesson.

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