Newspaper Bags Needed

Measurement:  12 x 10 inches

Contact:  012-4708308

We seek your kind help in making this environmental friendly bags for use on events.

To handover your self-made paper bag, please call the number.

Thank you.

Donation to SOS

Donation to SOS
Donation to SOS

To donate to SOS:

Public Bank:  3191975405
Save Our Strays Neutering Society (SOS)
(Account type:  For public donation)

Maybank:  507013550243
Save Our Strays Neutering Society
(Account type:  for SOS neutering fee and SOS related transactions)

After Donation, email receipt to

If the donation is dedicated to specific party, please indicate in the email.

Thank you.

Volunteer Job Scope

Subject:  Volunteer Job Scope in SOS Clinic

Dear Volunteer(s), you may help in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Sweep and mop office / upper floor / front porch / common areas / corridor
  2. Clear fallen leafs in gutter and garden and common areas
  3. Walk dogs / bath dogs
  4. Take nice pictures of dogs / cats and seek adoption online or off-line
  5. Wash operation cloth
  6. Cut gauze
  7. Wash / clean kitchen stove / kitchen cabinet / kitchen in entirety
  8. Any other ad-hoc duties

Thank you very much.

SOS Management

DVS – Revision of Animal Act to Cruelty Penalty

Department of Veterinary Services

Wilayah Persekutuan

Tel:                         Fax:                           email:

To Whom it may concern,

Dear Sirs,

Notification with regard to the Amendment in the Animal Act 1954 (Amendment 2013)

I refer to the aforesaid matter.

2              It is hereby notified that an offence under Section 44 (Cruelty Towards Animal(s)) under the Animal Act 1953 (Amendment 2013) with regard to the penalty has been amended and it effective from 20.8.2013.

3              No.         Penalty Before the Amendment                               Penalty After the Amendment

1              RM200.00 or jail term for 6 months          RM50,000.00 or jail term for 1 year or

Or both consecutively                                    both consecutively

4              Therefore, if you know that at any time there has been a breach or failure to adhere to the laws of the said Act, the Department of Veterinary Services will take enforcement action and enforce the law accordingly against the law-breaker.

Thank you.

“Service for the Country”

I who   follow the law,

Hasiah Binti Musa

Veterinary Country Head of Enforcement

Department of Veterinary Services, Wilayah Persekutuan


DVS has issued a memo about the Amendment in the Animal Act 1954:

The penalty of cruelty towards animals has been revised,

RM200.00 or jail term for 6 months or both consecutively

RM50,000.00 or jail term for 1 year or both consecutively

To effectively bring perpetrators to justice, members of the public are advised to:

(1) Take clear picture and video as evidence of abuse.

(2) Report to DVS AND Police immediately.

(3) Call any animal welfare groups for support and help.

(4) Follow up closely with DVS and police after reporting.

(5) Contact legal aid at Greenhall Road, opposite high court (Penang Island) for volunteer lawyer for help.

DVS revised penalty to animal cruelty
DVS revised penalty to animal cruelty

Feature of Neutered / Spayed Animal

SOS neutered / spayed animals are tattooed an “S” on the internal side of ear flap (distal pinna).

This ear mark is done to visibly identify that feral animals have been neutered / spayed as part of a population management programme.

This procedure is carried out while the animal is under anaesthesia for the neuter / spay operation.

Identifying sterilized animals, particularly females, can be very difficult without a visible indictor (such as tattooed “S”, ear notched, etc), and unnecessary repeat surgery is both a waste of resources and traumatic for the animals.

Thank you very much.

SOS Management

Inner ear flap with tattooed "S"
Inner ear flap with tattooed “S”
Dog tags for neutered/spayed animals
Dog tags for neutered/spayed animals

Message to Visitors of SOS – Disinfection

Attention all visitors to SOS Clinic:

(1) Please disinfect outside the gate BEFORE entering SOS clinic premise.

(2) Please disinfect outside the gate BEFORE leaving SOS clinic premise.

This is a critical procedure to ensure hygiene and safety for patients boarding in the clinic as they have much lower immunity after operation.

Thank you for your cooperation.


SOS Management

Why Dogs Scratch Floor?

Do your dogs frantically scratch your timber or tile floor? Do you know why?

They say dogs scratch floor because of entertainment, territory marking, and comforting intent.

Contrary to common beliefs, your dogs are most likely suffering from INTENSE irritation from tick bites in between his paws! (and the joint area near to paws!)

A close friend of SOS shared that she was appalled when she saw fleets of ticks (spider ticks and deer ticks, with full bloated stomach of blood) upon close examination after persistent floor scratching!

According to her sharing, she baths the dog once a week, uses front-line de-tick solution every 8 weeks, wipes the dog (including paws) with dampened cloth after each walk.

Since then, every time her dog scratches floor, she would ALWAYS find a tick or two in one of the paws.

Now, her dog has much less floor scratching and almost none at all.

(This applies to other area like ears, face, neck and it works almost all the times: wherever they scratch, there you will find ticks)

So, please do not see floor scratching as a mischief. Check if your dogs are suffering in silence from the notorious tick bite!

How to Help or Rescue Stray Animal

We are heartened by many kind acts of rescue by individuals.  And many has sought help from us.  Here are some simple ways to solicit help and hopefully benefit the animals you rescued quickly :

(1)  Take hold of the animal and send for medical treatment ASAP, if need be.  Keep the animals at your place first while seeking adoption or fosterage or other form of relief.

(2)  Take clear pictures of your rescued animals.

(3)  Post on SOS wall (and other popular social media like so that we can share with our readers.
(we strongly urge individual to post on our wall for us to share due to credibility issues)

(4)  Indicate and detail very clearly:
–  What assistance is required (fosterer, adopter, help, relief, etc)
–  Location (street name, shop name, salient landmark, town name, state name)
–  Contact number and contact person
–  Condition of the animal (raw wound in the head, fractured hind leg, mange, etc)

(5)  If for whatever reason you are unable to grab hold of the animal, please use marker pen and write a clear big note on card board, place the notice beside the animal:

“Please do not remove the puppy/kitten, I will return with aid to rescue.  Contact Person, Contact Number”

(6)  Provide clean water and food to the animal.

There is no hard and fast rule in helping animals.  Please improvise according to the situation.  We sincerely hope when you cross path with an animal in need, you will lend a direct hand right away.

Thank you.