Eat to Starve Cancer


William Li, how to eat to starve cancer to death


How to Handle Seizure in Animals

The body gets overheated quickly during seizure.  Please a ziplock bag filled with ice in the freezer and a spray bottle filled with water in the fridge – during seizure, spray cold water on all four paws and put the bag of ice on the lower spine (can lay a thin cloth or paper towel between ice pack and lower back if longer use is needed).

Donation of Items

We urgently seek your donation of following items for some ill dogs:

1. methycobal 1box
2. milk thistle + dandelion 1 bottle
3. ester c 2 bottles
4. spirulina small round tab 2 bottles
5. cod liver oil scott brand only 3 bottles
6. multi vitamin small tab type 2 bottles
7. COQ10

If you are able to donate, please contact 012-4868038 to arrange handover.

Thank you.

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Pyometra: Pregnancy Injection

These are not German sausages.

These are a female dog’s uterus being removed due to suffering from Pyometra infection with Pus.

Pyometra is dangerous. Once the pus bursts, the dog will die. It is caused by preventive pregnancy injections.  Please do not use preventive pregnancy injections.  SPAY them.

SOS has many pyometra patients, some feeders seek for convenience and so use this preventive pregnancy jab. The side effects are bad. It normally takes dogs a few days to start eating and normally the dog will cry due to pain after waking up from surgery.

Donation of Supplements

These supplements are always needed for the street dogs and cats when they fall sick or infected by viruses.

Whoever wish to donate, please contact 0124868038. Thank you very much.

Natural Remedy for Heartworm

We are so sad to announce the crossing the rainbow bridge of Fatty the 14 year old beloved dog that we were helping to fund the costly medication.

The shocking thing is he died of artery blocked from dead baby worms.

If you have any elderly dogs with heart worm problem, better choose herbal remedy treatment.
Although much loved Fatty wasn’t one of those blessed with this info in time
Please read below or share with any who might need it’s long but worth it : Pet Parasite Program

1. Parsley water: cook a big bunch of fresh parsley in a quart of water for 3 minutes. Throw away the parsley. After cooling, you may freeze most of it in several 1 cup containers. This is a month’s supply. Put 1 teaspoon parsley water on the pet’s food. You don’t have to watch it go down. Whatever amount is eaten is satisfactory.

**All dosages are based on a 10 pound (5 kilo) cat or dog. Double them for a 20 pound pet, and so forth.**

Pets are so full of parasites, you must be quite careful not to departmentalize too quickly. The purpose of the parsley water is to keep the kidneys flowing well so dead parasite refuse is eliminated promptly. They get quite fond of their parsley water. Perhaps they can sense the benefit it brings them. Do this for a week before starting the Black Walnut Hull Tincture.

2. Black Walnut Hull Tincture (regular strength): 1 drop on the food. Don’t force them to eat it. Count carefully. Treat cats only twice a week. Treat dogs daily, for instance, a 30 pound dog would get 3 drops per day (but work up to it, increasing on drop per day). Do not use Extra Strength.

If your pet vomits or has diarrhea, you may expect to see worms. This is extremely infectious and hazardous. Never let a child clean up a pet mess. Begin by pouring salt and iodine (“Povidone” iodine, topical antiseptic, is available in most drug stores) on the mess and letting it stand for 5 minutes before cleaning it up. Clean up outdoor messes the same way. Finally, clean your hands with diluted grain alcohol (dilute 1 part alcohol with 4 parts water) or vodka. Be careful to keep all alcohol out of sight of children; don’t rely on discipline for this. Be careful not to buy isopropyl alcohol for this purpose.

Start the wormwood a week later.

3. Wormwood capsules: (200-300 mg wormwood per capsule) open a capsule and put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food. Do this for a week before starting the cloves.

4. Cloves: put the smallest pinch possible on their dry food. [This should be fresh ground cloves]

Keep all of this up as a routine so that you need not fear your pets. Also, notice how peppy and happy they become.

Go slowly so the pet can learn to eat all of it. To repeat:

* Week 1: parsley water.
* Week 2: parley water and black walnut tincture.
* Week 3: parsley water, black walnut tincture, and wormwood.
* Week 4: parsley water, black walnut tincture, wormwood, and cloves