Eat to Starve Cancer


William Li, how to eat to starve cancer to death


How to Handle Seizure in Animals

The body gets overheated quickly during seizure.  Please a ziplock bag filled with ice in the freezer and a spray bottle filled with water in the fridge – during seizure, spray cold water on all four paws and put the bag of ice on the lower spine (can lay a thin cloth or paper towel between ice pack and lower back if longer use is needed).

Donation of Items

We urgently seek your donation of following items for some ill dogs:

1. methycobal 1box
2. milk thistle + dandelion 1 bottle
3. ester c 2 bottles
4. spirulina small round tab 2 bottles
5. cod liver oil scott brand only 3 bottles
6. multi vitamin small tab type 2 bottles
7. COQ10

If you are able to donate, please contact 012-4868038 to arrange handover.

Thank you.

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Pyometra: Pregnancy Injection

These are not German sausages.

These are a female dog’s uterus being removed due to suffering from Pyometra infection with Pus.

Pyometra is dangerous. Once the pus bursts, the dog will die. It is caused by preventive pregnancy injections.  Please do not use preventive pregnancy injections.  SPAY them.

SOS has many pyometra patients, some feeders seek for convenience and so use this preventive pregnancy jab. The side effects are bad. It normally takes dogs a few days to start eating and normally the dog will cry due to pain after waking up from surgery.

Donation of Supplements

These supplements are always needed for the street dogs and cats when they fall sick or infected by viruses.

Whoever wish to donate, please contact 0124868038. Thank you very much.

Path Away

SOS is selling Path Away:

1 bottle Path Away = RM30


Contact: 012-4708308

How to order:

(1) Pay to: Maybank

Save Our Strays Neutering Society

Account number: 507013550243

(2) Once payment made, please email with the following details:

– Copy of the bank in slip

– Your Name, Address and Telephone number

(3) West Malaysia postage fee:

$6 for 1 -3 bottles

$9 for 4-6 bottles

6 bottles and above email for quote

(4) East Malaysia postage fee:

$10 for 1- 3 bottles

$15 for 4-6 bottles

6 bottles and above email for quote

(5) Pick up option available. Contact April Sham 012-4708308

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