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SOS thus far has had many instances where strays in dire condition were reported however no help was  rendered on the spot.

Please know that SOS is NOT in the capacity to offer “immediate” assistance upon report posted in the website.  Due to acute shortage of human and funding resources, it may take us days if not weeks to deploy necessary resources, if any, to the reported site.  In many instances, the affected strays either went missing or too late to receive assistance due to prolonged suffering.

SOS earnestly implores all the good Samaritans to render immediate assistance when strays are spotted in dire condition.  Simple gesture such as offering clean water, food or even to relocate the strays away from immediate danger is proven to be of great tangible help.  Reporting to SOS (SOS offers spay, neuter) or circulating the news via media network around is only delaying the issue if NOT “hands off!”.

Please be mindful that the time lapse between the moment being spotted, time to narrate and report to the website and finally anticipating assistance could be tangibly utilized to save if not mitigate the pain of many needy strays in a realistic and fruitful manner.

SOS is Unable to Sponsor Neutering for Members of Public

We are sorry that we are not financially viable to fund or aid the neutering for public members. With the limited funds, we are only able to sponsor seasoned feeders and rescuers to neuter at commercial clinic. That said, please do not be deterred and quickly send your pets to spay/neuter for better health and temperament. Most of all, for lesser stray issues. Thank you.

SOS is a Charity Neutering Clinic

SOS is a charity neutering clinic, not a rescue group, neither a shelter.  Please render some immediate help to the puppies or kittens however possible.  Please also post on our walls with location and contact details so that we may share to solicit help.  Thank you.

Do Not Harass Animal Feeders

GEORGE TOWN: A local non-governmental organisation advocating for stray animals has appealed to the public not to harass or threaten the good-hearted community of animal feeders.

Save our Strays Neutering Society (SOS) founder April Sham said a 61-year-old feeder was harassed on Jan 16 while feeding homeless animals in Jalan Perak here.

“A food outlet operator scolded retiree Ang Geok Tin for feeding the animals on a pavement across his shop. He accused her of littering and tried to assault her but was stopped by a passer-by.

“He warned her to not feed the homeless dogs and kicked her bicycle down, spilling the dog food all over the road. Ang has since lodged a police report over the incident,” she said at a press conference yesterday.

Sham said animal feeders were compassionate and selfless people who helped to look after homeless animals living in the streets, adding that the community should appreciate their kind work.

“SOS is strongly against those who threaten violence on the feeders.

“Ang is just one of many feeders who have experienced this kind of incident,” she said, adding that after SOS shared the incident on its Facebook page, it went viral.

“We are also hoping the state will set up a mass neutering clinic with full-time veterinarians.

“SOS has its own neutering programme which depends on donations from the public,” she said.

For more information on the programme, call 012-4868038 or email saveourstrays2012@gmailcom.






Rescued Case: Boy

This is the kind of thing that Save Our Strays (SOS) – Penang has to face on a daily basis. Our goal is to neuter as many community dogs as we can to prevent unwanted pregancy and homeless babies, who end up on the streets or in over crowded shelters. It is not the shelters fault, there are just too many dogs needing a home… Please help us to help them, share, spread awareness, neuter, adopt, donate, volunteer…
Visit our page at
Thank you

DVS – Revision of Animal Act to Cruelty Penalty

Department of Veterinary Services

Wilayah Persekutuan

Tel:                         Fax:                           email:

To Whom it may concern,

Dear Sirs,

Notification with regard to the Amendment in the Animal Act 1954 (Amendment 2013)

I refer to the aforesaid matter.

2              It is hereby notified that an offence under Section 44 (Cruelty Towards Animal(s)) under the Animal Act 1953 (Amendment 2013) with regard to the penalty has been amended and it effective from 20.8.2013.

3              No.         Penalty Before the Amendment                               Penalty After the Amendment

1              RM200.00 or jail term for 6 months          RM50,000.00 or jail term for 1 year or

Or both consecutively                                    both consecutively

4              Therefore, if you know that at any time there has been a breach or failure to adhere to the laws of the said Act, the Department of Veterinary Services will take enforcement action and enforce the law accordingly against the law-breaker.

Thank you.

“Service for the Country”

I who   follow the law,

Hasiah Binti Musa

Veterinary Country Head of Enforcement

Department of Veterinary Services, Wilayah Persekutuan


DVS has issued a memo about the Amendment in the Animal Act 1954:

The penalty of cruelty towards animals has been revised,

RM200.00 or jail term for 6 months or both consecutively

RM50,000.00 or jail term for 1 year or both consecutively

To effectively bring perpetrators to justice, members of the public are advised to:

(1) Take clear picture and video as evidence of abuse.

(2) Report to DVS AND Police immediately.

(3) Call any animal welfare groups for support and help.

(4) Follow up closely with DVS and police after reporting.

(5) Contact legal aid at Greenhall Road, opposite high court (Penang Island) for volunteer lawyer for help.

DVS revised penalty to animal cruelty
DVS revised penalty to animal cruelty