Do Not Harass Animal Feeders

GEORGE TOWN: A local non-governmental organisation advocating for stray animals has appealed to the public not to harass or threaten the good-hearted community of animal feeders.

Save our Strays Neutering Society (SOS) founder April Sham said a 61-year-old feeder was harassed on Jan 16 while feeding homeless animals in Jalan Perak here.

“A food outlet operator scolded retiree Ang Geok Tin for feeding the animals on a pavement across his shop. He accused her of littering and tried to assault her but was stopped by a passer-by.

“He warned her to not feed the homeless dogs and kicked her bicycle down, spilling the dog food all over the road. Ang has since lodged a police report over the incident,” she said at a press conference yesterday.

Sham said animal feeders were compassionate and selfless people who helped to look after homeless animals living in the streets, adding that the community should appreciate their kind work.

“SOS is strongly against those who threaten violence on the feeders.

“Ang is just one of many feeders who have experienced this kind of incident,” she said, adding that after SOS shared the incident on its Facebook page, it went viral.

“We are also hoping the state will set up a mass neutering clinic with full-time veterinarians.

“SOS has its own neutering programme which depends on donations from the public,” she said.

For more information on the programme, call 012-4868038 or email saveourstrays2012@gmailcom.







Rescued Case: Boy

This is the kind of thing that Save Our Strays (SOS) – Penang has to face on a daily basis. Our goal is to neuter as many community dogs as we can to prevent unwanted pregancy and homeless babies, who end up on the streets or in over crowded shelters. It is not the shelters fault, there are just too many dogs needing a home… Please help us to help them, share, spread awareness, neuter, adopt, donate, volunteer…
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Thank you

How to Adopt MPPP Pound Dog

Penang furry residents at MBPP formely MPPP’s pound @ River Road. If you know them please bail them out. They are available for adoption.

Adoption procedure:
1. Bring landed house utility bill and photocopy IC.  One landed terrace house can adopt 2 adult dogs.

2. Go to Mr Toh, MPPP River Road office and inform your intention to adopt pound dogs. MPPP officer will show you the dogs.  Select dogs than take pictures with the dogs you are adopting.

3. Develop pictures and proceed to MPPP office white building at Esplanade to apply dog licenses.

4. Present pictures, utility bill and photcopy IC to the license counter, fill up necessary form. Pay RM10 for each dog license.

5. Go back to MPPP River Road to show tag license and bail the dogs out.

Notes :
Cover your car cushion with cushion cover / big blanket / newspaper.

Spray frontline on dogs to repel ticks.

Feed 2 half boiled eggs, multivitamin, immune syrup for 2-4weeks to boost immunity.

Ah Boy

2.4.2015 Diary
Ah boy has been calling the street his home for so many years, now in his golden years, he finally has a real home. It is indeed a happy ending, but for someone who is used to wandering the street, it could get boring for him. So to make sure he enjoys the best of both world, we pledge to send him to visit his friends whenever possible. The thought of getting him his own driver ‘the trishaw’ does pop up in our minds every once in a while as he loves trishaw ride. Oh well, which dog doesn’t enjoy slowly strolling down the street, looking like a taukeh…

On 25 Feb , we took Ah boy home, boy oh boy…I knew he was popular, but I never know he is that popular… he is like a movie star. As soon as he gets off the car, he walk as fast as he could to his two legged friends who are all so excited to see him. The aunties & uncles nonstop asking me where he went, they were worried, thought he went missing. Some were commenting why is he getting thinner & heartache to see him slim down.. However, Ah boy did a good job in reassuring them he is doing fine, with non stop wags and licks, we are sure they get the idea he is in good hands.

There is 1 aunty who adores Ah Boy very much, she hug him so tight and kept talking to him, calling him Chou Pee. It was such a touching moment , my tears cant stop rolling down my face. A community dog that brings so much joy to the people he come across in his life. If only more strays are as lucky as Ah Boy. Every dog deserve to be treated with kindness, unfortunately in our society, strays are still seen as pest.

Today we found out, Ah Boy has 2 gangs of two legged friends, 1 is the day gang & 1 night gang. His night gang uncle friend even sleep together with him…keeping each other warm…keeping each other safe.

We spend quite a while there, with Ah Boy busy going around visiting his friends, everywhere he go, u can hear people calling out to him.. we even left him there for a few hours before coming back to him.

When it’s time to leave, can see the sadness in both his friends and his eyes. We promise him will bring him back again, back to visit the people who loves him.

Ah Boy/ Chou Pee indeed lead a very meaningful life. Life on the street is hard for any dogs, but he is fortunate to make true friends who care for him along the way. His life would have been perfect if only Shanti, the love of his life is still around.

Shanti the dog who started SOS….For those who doesn’t know their story, please read. It is a touching love story of a doggy couple.

Please support spay/ neuter! Not every stray is as lucky as Ah Boy. And we wish no stray has to suffer the same fate as Shanti.

* If you’d like to send Ah Boy on an hour trishaw ride, please donate $35 and quote ‘Trishaw for Ah Boy’. Oh ya, forgot to mention, he stops to pick up his girlfriend and enjoy the ride together. We hope this old man gets to enjoy some luxury in his old age, especially now that he can hardly walk.