How to Adopt MPPP Pound Dog

Penang furry residents at MBPP formely MPPP’s pound @ River Road. If you know them please bail them out. They are available for adoption.

Adoption procedure:
1. Bring landed house utility bill and photocopy IC.  One landed terrace house can adopt 2 adult dogs.

2. Go to Mr Toh, MPPP River Road office and inform your intention to adopt pound dogs. MPPP officer will show you the dogs.  Select dogs than take pictures with the dogs you are adopting.

3. Develop pictures and proceed to MPPP office white building at Esplanade to apply dog licenses.

4. Present pictures, utility bill and photcopy IC to the license counter, fill up necessary form. Pay RM10 for each dog license.

5. Go back to MPPP River Road to show tag license and bail the dogs out.

Notes :
Cover your car cushion with cushion cover / big blanket / newspaper.

Spray frontline on dogs to repel ticks.

Feed 2 half boiled eggs, multivitamin, immune syrup for 2-4weeks to boost immunity.


Recruitment of Volunteer

Subject: Recruitment of Volunteer


Contact:  012-4708308 / 017-2168090

We are in dire need of volunteers to sustain this community programme – TNR (Trap, Neuter, Release/ Re-home).

From physical labor to paper work like graphic design, website maintenance, writer, and many others, if you are able to render any help, please complete the application form and email to:

Thank you.

volunteer form-1volunteer form- 2

volunteer form

Recruitment of Volunteers in Facebook Maintenance

Very urgent!

Subject: Recruitment of Volunteers for Facebook Maintenance

Contact: 012-4708308 /

–  Upload pictures to album
–  Create Facebook posts or notifications (info will be provided)
–  Share Facebook messages from other users
–  Reply private messages

–  Familiar with Facebook functions
–  Simple English, Chinese or Malay

Training will be provided.

We urgently need volunteers in maintaining SOS official Facebook.  Please help us.

Thank you.

Newspaper Bags Needed

Measurement:  12 x 10 inches

Contact:  012-4708308

We seek your kind help in making this environmental friendly bags for use on events.

To handover your self-made paper bag, please call the number.

Thank you.

Volunteer Job Scope

Subject:  Volunteer Job Scope in SOS Clinic

Dear Volunteer(s), you may help in one or more of the following areas:

  1. Sweep and mop office / upper floor / front porch / common areas / corridor
  2. Clear fallen leafs in gutter and garden and common areas
  3. Walk dogs / bath dogs
  4. Take nice pictures of dogs / cats and seek adoption online or off-line
  5. Wash operation cloth
  6. Cut gauze
  7. Wash / clean kitchen stove / kitchen cabinet / kitchen in entirety
  8. Any other ad-hoc duties

Thank you very much.

SOS Management